Tuesday, 5 June 2018

Saturday, 2 June 2018

Nicosia University Issues Students With Blockchain-Validated Grading Certificates

Another batch of students received their blockchain-verified grading certificates from the University of Nicosia on May 30, 2018. Students that obtained the required grade for the Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) DFIN-511: Introduction to Digital Currencies were emailed their certificates in PDF format. The documents are encrypted with data which allows prospective employees to authenticate them on the blockchain.

Early Investors are making 50,000% returns on ICOs

The average return on the S&P is 10%. Over the last year bitcoin has seen unprecedented returns of 1000%. But savvy cryptocurrency investors are investing in ICOs and making ROIs as high as 50,000%. Stop and think about that for a moment. That means for a $100 investment in early 2017 you could have netted $50,000. Not too shabby for a year of trading.

Average ICO Investor Makes 82 Percent Profit - Boston College Researchers

Much has been made about the prevalence of scams within the initial coin offering (ICO) industry. However, a new report published by researchers at the Boston College Carroll School of Management suggests that the average ICO investor is still raking in a significant profit.
The 54-page report, titled “Digital Tulips? Returns to Investors in Initial Coin Offerings,” examined 4,003 ICOs which raised a combined $12 billion and tracked the value of their tokens across different timeframes.

HEW Initial Token Sale Structure

The total number of HIDUs created by H Network for H Education World’s platform will be 100,00,00,000 (One Billion) . The total per...