Friday, 17 August 2018

H Education World Referral Program

As part of the 'H Education World Initial Token Sale', we are running a Referral Program till 14th December. Under the program, we will give a 5% Commission to everyone who will refer a buyer to the 'H Education World Initial Token Sale' and the commission to be paid to the Referrer will be calculated on the total amount spent by the referred buyer.

There is a benefit for buyers too - they get 2% Bonus if they get referred by someone.
The Top Three Referrers whose referred buyers will spend the most amount will earn a bonus of 10000, 5000, and 2000 HIDUs on top of the commission earned on that amount.
The contest will run from 16th July 2018 till 14th December 2018.
The HIDUs will be distributed to the winners between 02nd January and 10th January 2018.
Both the Referrer and the Buyer should be at least 18 years of age to be eligible to participate in the Token Sale.
A Referrer will have to register to get a Unique Referral ID and amounts will be credited to his referral account only if a buyer uses that Referral ID during registration.
To be eligible to get the 5% Bonus, a referrer will have to complete his own purchase of HIDUs of at least the minimum amount of 10 HIDUs.
Decimal amounts will be rounded off to the nearest whole number.
All accumulated bonuses for the referrers will be paid only after the end of the sale period as per the dates mentioned above and no requests for early redemption will be entertained.
Bonuses to the buyers will be paid along with their purchased HIDUs itself.
In case of more than one person emerging as the winner, the amount will be equally distributed between them.
Any dispute arising in relation to this contest will be subject to the laws of Belize.

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