Monday, 3 September 2018

Survey Suggests Bright Future For Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrencies could be in for a boost with U.S. students twice as likely as the country’s average to own cryptocurrency, a survey by Coinbase and carried out by researchers Qriously has revealed.

18% of U.S. student respondents said they own (or have owned) bitcoin or some other cryptocurrency, which is twice the rate of the general population, suggesting cryptocurrency ownership and adoption could be about to rise.

University of Malta Launches €300,000 Blockchain Scholarship Fund

As a proof of our belief that the Education Sector, especially students, will be the driving force behind growth of cryptocurrencies and their assimilation into real world with real-life usage and pulling them out of trading-only existence.

Malta continues to take the lead in the cryptocurrency and blockchain sector with an interesting new development in the educational sector.

HEW Initial Token Sale Structure

The total number of HIDUs created by H Network for H Education World’s platform will be 100,00,00,000 (One Billion) . The total per...